5 Timely And Actionable Tips To Help Sustain Your Small Business


In a recent Alignable Pulse Poll, 34% of small business owners surveyed said they are continuing to struggle as the pandemic continues to disrupt business operations. With the vaccine distribution scaling up, hope is in sight including a second round of PPP loans, but in the interim, many small business owners are looking for some practical solutions.

In case you are wondering if you qualify as a small-scale business owner, the U.S. Small Business Administration, or SBA, defines a small business as an enterprise with fewer than 500 employees, but business size can also be measured in terms of sales volume and organizational structure. As a result, many more businesses than you might initially suspect are indeed small businesses.

Enter Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep who are the combined force behind The Product Boss. Their small business coaching platform offers online courses and a popular marketing podcast to help small product businesses pivot in these challenging times.

Together, they have grown a community of high-achieving founders and owners with the objective of helping them scale their physical product businesses through coaching, digital courses, and other important initiatives including highlighting female founders each Monday on their podcast. Their goal is to change the landscape of product entrepreneurship by connecting small business owners around the world through a blend of real-life business tactics, strong creative strategies, modern leadership skills, and their proprietary Small Biz Shopping Directory.

The duo shared 5 timely, actionable tips that small business owners can use right now regarding PPP best practices, diversifying revenue streams and ways to build your online presence.