The Best Biryani in Toronto


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One of the most popular dishes that you'll find across South Asia is a rice dish mixed with a blend of various aromatic spices called biryani. Though it sounds simple, there is a complexity to the dish that varies based on regions, cooking methods, spices and ingredients. The city has so many different kinds to offer, so there is no shortage of options around.

Below is a list of the best biryani in Toronto.

Lahore Tikka House

This popular palace in Little India offers some of the best South Asian food you'll find in the city. The biryanis are incredible and come on a sizzling hot plate to be enjoyed inside their beautiful dining room or equally beautiful patio.

Hyderabad Biryani Hut

This spot in Scarborough offers over 20+ kinds of biryani and is a favourite of those looking for their late-night fix for biryani.