This elevated dining experience is completely transforming one Toronto street


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As patio season begins in Toronto, the fine folks of Stella Artois and Yorkville Murals are giving us even more reason to celebrate. An immersive outdoor dining experience is launching this Friday and continuing throughout the duration of the summer. It’s happening via Café Artois and you will not want to miss it.

Thanks to the event, Yorkville’s Bellair Street will be entirely transformed into an insane work of art. The street will feature a massive painted mural spanning a whopping 120 feet. Plus, some of your favourite restaurants in the area will be providing additional seating throughout Bellair Street so folks can admire the art while they dine. It’s an awesome added bonus to enjoy while supporting local.

Of course, Yorkville Murals will also be returning this year, with plenty more gorgeous street art in store. The yearly festival is set to take place over the course of three days in the fall. From September 24th – 26th, artists will be taking over the neighbourhood to bring light, life, and colours to the popular spot.

But for now, take advantage of the beginning of patio season with this killer outdoor dining experience! We know we’ll be booking a reservation ASAP!