Nabati Foods of Alberta offers new products with COBS Bread and Beyond Meat


Nabati Foods, a plant-based food tech company, announces that its Nabati Cheeze product will be a key ingredient in COBS Bread’s plant-based Beyond Sausage Arrabbiata Mini Pizza. The plant-based mini pizza combines Beyond Meat, Beyond Sausage Italian Sausage Crumbles, roasted red pepper, chili flakes, and Nabati plant-based Cheeze on fermented Turkish dough base. “We are very excited about this product launching across Canada,” Nabati CEO Ahmad Yehya said. “This delicious creation is another example of Nabati Foods serving the growing demand for clean, healthy, sustainable diet options for consumers everywhere in Canada. We worked hard to create a plant-based cheese product that doesn’t feel like a compromise, and the foodservice industry loves it because it actually melts like dairy cheese.”

Nabati is based in Edmonton, Alberta; its products are served across North America, and the Company has plans to expand distribution into Europe in 2022. The Company has distinct offerings in dairy, meat, and cheese alternatives. The products are kosher, vegan and GMO-free.

“After an exciting search to deliver a high quality plant-based cheeze that our customers will love, we are delighted to partner with Nabati to expand our plant-based offerings. Nabati’s cheeze helps to position our product as a delicious plant-based pizza, without sacrificing taste. We expect this product to quickly become a favourite for either those who are searching for a tasty plant-based pizza, those looking to reduce their meat and dairy consumption, or those just looking for a great tasting pizza,” said Brad Bissonnette, VP Marketing & Franchise Recruitment.
Find your local COBS at to try the new plant-based mini pizza.