Lagoon Seafood increases sales capacity in Quebec


Lagoon Seafood, a leader in the distribution, import, export, processing and curing of fresh and frozen fish, announces today the appointment of three new sales representatives to support the rising tide in demand for seafood among Quebec consumers – a trend that extends to the whole nation. Erick Charpentier, account manager of food service for Eastern Quebec, joined the company in September 2020. Sales representatives Carine Hage and Nadia Lalonde joined the company in January 2021 after an extensive recruitment process.

Lagoon Seafood has hired three new representatives for Quebec, from left to right: Erick Charpentier, account manager, and Nadia Lalonde and Carine Hage, sales representatives. Collectively, the new hires enjoy more than 60 years of experience in the seafood and hospitality industries.

“We are delighted to welcome Carine, Erick and Nadia to our team,” says Sam Cheaib, president and CEO of Lagoon Seafood. “As an essential service, the grocery and foodservice sectors have demonstrated incredible dedication, innovation and resilience during this past year. We are doing everything we can to make sure that consumers continue to have access the best possible products from the sea and that includes finding skilled team members who will help our products make their way to local shelves and menus.”

Founded by an experienced team in 1992, and with an extensive track record of success in Quebec, Lagoon Seafood is preparing to expand boldly into new markets.

“The best expansion plans start from within, in an organic and wholesome way,” says Robert Mignacco, vice president of sales, Lagoon Seafood. “The growth of our team in Quebec, our home market, with such an experienced trio helps to solidify even further our foundations for a flourishing expansion.”