Happi launches vegan and allergen-free Easter eggs


Confectionery brand Happi Free From has launched a new range of vegan and allergen-free Easter eggs. 

To ensure the range is completely allergen-free, Happi replaces soya lecithin with sunflower lecithin. 

The eggs feature gluten-free oat milk and rice syrup, as well as 47% single origin chocolate sourced ethically from farmers and growers with a full “farm-to-bar” supply chain. 

“Why should allergy sufferers and vegans miss out on delicious Easter eggs just because they can’t or don’t want to consume dairy?” said Gavin Cox, founder of Happi Free From. “Our newly-launched range of Easter eggs is made using oat milk, 47% sustainable cocoa and sunflower lecithin, making them allergen-free and accessible to all.”

“Not only that, but the chocolate is rich, creamy and delicious, with no compromise on taste; a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for a dairy-free Easter egg this spring,” he added. 

Available in 170g fully-recyclable boxes, which use zero single-use plastics, Happi Easter eggs come in three flavours: plain milk, orange and salted caramel. The eggs are now on sale in Selfridges and available to all retailers.

RRP £9.99 per egg.