The top 10 apple strudel in Toronto


Apple strudel in Toronto can be found at some of the city’s favourite European bakeries. Dating back to Habsburg times, these crispy, layered pastries are eaten from Milan to Budapest, which is why you’ll also find them at some of our most popular Hungarian restaurants too. 

Here’s where to get apple strudel in Toronto.

Montmartre Bakery

This Scarborough business only uses in-season fruits, usually grown in Ontario or Nova Scotia, for their pastries. That being said you’ll find their apple strudel year-round, $6 for a 20-inch.

Sweet Gallery

This Etobicoke bakery has been baking up a storm on Bering Avenue since 1974. The Jelenic family offer Viennese apple phyllo strudels with raisins and a breadcrumb filling.

Oodles of Strudels

The name of this St. Lawrence Market vendor should give it away. The biz makes a mean butter tart, too, but their take on the traditional apple strudel should not be missed on weekends. Bring cash.

Venezia Bakery

Ossington’s cornerstone Portuguese bakery is beloved for its pasteis de nata, or custard tarts, but their homestyle selection of treats also includes apple strudels made fresh daily for $2.99.

Dimpflmeier Bakery

South Etobicoke's go-to German bakery is famous for their Bavarian-style, sugar-covered apple strudels. They’ve become so popular that you can even buy boxes of them for $2.45 each.

Hot Oven Bakery Roncesvalles

There are multiple locations of this bakery to visit for apple strudels, $8.99, made with filo pastry. Visit their stores at the Kingsway, in Bloor West Village, in Cloverdale Mall, and on Roncy.

European Patisserie

This small family-owned bakery in Etobicoke has been around since 1966. Their apple strudels are served up alongside jaw-dropping cakes and French treats like eclairs and macarons.

Lale Bakery & Caffe

Pastry chef and chocolatier Vlade, a.k.a. Lale, has opened up this pastry shop on Lake Shore Blvd. West with a tasty selection of pastries, including sugar-dusted cherry and apple strudels.

Budapest Restaurant

Come for the ridiculously huge schnitzel platters and stay for the dessert at this Danforth East restaurant. Edit Csoma and her wife Loriemhe Ditchon offer homemade apple strudels for $5.50 to cap off an epic meal.

Country Style Hungarian Restaurant

This Annex stalwart has been serving cabbage rolls and Parisian schnitzels on Bloor for over 50 years. Strudels come in cherry or apple for $4.95 each.