You can get fresh, sustainable oysters to-go through a Toronto takeout window


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What was once a standard summer patio delicacy is now available through a takeout window in Toronto.

Island Oysters is known for providing fresh and expertly-curated oysters through catering and pop-up events. Their main pillars are variety and curation, community and sustainability, and value. When it comes to variety and curation, they work with oyster farmers and distributors to source 40 different varieties from mostly Canadian coastlines to bring you oysters with diverse, yet complimentary, flavour profiles. Their curation process includes guided tastings, flavour profile notes, aquaculture insights and pairing recommendations with locally-made sauces.

The community and sustainability aspect benefits both their customers and the environment by creating a space where people can find commonalties with one another, and explore shellfish flavours and aquaculture. Island Oysters prides their practice, saying that their cultivation and farming of oysters 'improves the biodiversity and health of the waterways' where they were foraged from. Additionally, their service uses compostable and reusable supplies to produce as close to zero waste as possible.

In terms of their value pillar, Island Oysters has some of the best prices in the city when it comes to their selection, freshness and service. Their oysters are always served with a selection of sauces: two types of mignonette, lemon, freshly-grated horseradish root, cocktail sauce, No. 7 habanero hot sauce and Tabasco original.

Founder and oyster specialist Jason Kun grew up on Prince Edward Island. He spent his youth exploring the coast while foraging for oysters and mussels, and acquired a passion for the topic of Canadian shellfish and enjoying oysters that have been freshly shucked.

Kun has years of experience in the food and hospitality business, as well as a degree in biology and environmental studies. His goal is to create an elevated culinary experience by sharing the thrill of eating freshly-shucked oysters.