The Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Toronto


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Toronto's best breakfast sandwiches are the most satisfying way to start your day. Built on the freshest bread, with farm-fresh eggs, house-smoked bacon, and a list of tempting sauces and toppings, these handheld feasts can sate any appetite and quell any morning-after regrets.

Hearty and properly greasy, these sandwiches are meant to be scarfed down, hot coffee at the ready. Grab one on a lazy weekend or infuse any work-from-home morning with a little excitement. Whether you order a traditional take or try a breakfast sandwich done up with sausage, rösti, salmon or some other new and delicious option, you're bound to delight in every bite.

Seek out one of Toronto's best breakfast sandwiches, and enjoy a meal that's greater than the sum of its humble parts. Savoury, crunchy, and astonishingly tempting, these sandwiches are bound to inspire cravings all day long.