The Best Burgers in Toronto


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Whatever your preference may be, from thick and juicy patties to smashed with caramelized edges, the best burgers in Toronto deliver everything and more. Sandwiched between fluffy potato rolls, garnished with pickles, onions and tomatoes and given a generous dousing of secret sauce, the simplest of combinations cannot be beat. Whether you gravitate towards a no-frills charcoal-grilled burger or would rather dig into an over-the-top burger tower doused in hot melty cheese, there is a perfect burger out there for everyone. With plenty of veg and vegan options found on the menus, too, the best burger spots don't always have to be about the beef. With a range of Toronto institutions, newly opened establishments and in-demand pop-ups, the best burger spots span decades, but whether old or new, deliver everything we love dearly about a burger.