New free speech platform gives users an alternative in the face of growing censorship


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Many aggrieved social media users are now seeking alternatives amid widespread censorship on popular social media platforms.

After the suspension of former U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter following claims that his comments were instigating violence, Twitter has gone on a suspension spree, blocking over 70,000 users include high profile personalities. The company’s actions infuriated Trump so much that he launched a crusade against Section 230—a part of the constitution that has acted as a legal shield for many tech companies—claiming that social media companies are becoming too biased against conservatives.

In light of this, a new free speech and human rights social media platform is giving every user the freedom to express themselves without fear of censorship. is a community-driven social network and not-for-profit initiative with the primary goal of providing a free speech platform for those seeking an alternative to popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook—which has recently been fraught with worsening censorship.

The growing online censorship by major social networking sites possess a threat to the free exchange of opinions, perspectives and information—ultimately, threatening democracy as a whole. Trump’s suspension is a part of a growing pattern of social media companies trying to shut down conservative voices and activists— an accusation that has gone on for years. Asides from Twitter, other platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat are also placing indefinite bans on accounts that are seen to air ‘extreme views’ that go against popular opinions or leftists agendas.

“Any form of censorship, any form, is unacceptable. Social platform such as Facebook, whose primary business is open communication between its over 2.7 billion members, have a moral and legal responsibility to allow those conversations to transpire, organically,” said Lon Safko, technology industry consultant and author of The Social Media Bible in a report.

Safko added that it is important to allow all sides of a conversation to be heard, regardless of whether it is acceptable to the viewer or not. If a viewer is offended or disagrees with an opinion, it is their right to either block the user or choose to ignore it, he said.

With now available, social media users have more choices where not just conservatives, but all users can benefit from a more liberal platform in which they can speak freely.