How new free-speech platform is overcoming selective censorship


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The issues of selective social media censorship began to heat up after social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat issued permanent bans to several high-profile personalities in the aftermath of the Capitol building invasion.

One of those who received a permanent ban was former U.S. President Donald Trump, who was accused of using his platform to instigate violence during the just-concluded U.S. Presidential election. According to an announcement by Twitter Inc., “after a close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them,” his account was permanently suspended to minimize the risk of further violence.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was his primary mode of communication since assuming office and through this medium, he has made several announcements and comments on different societal and political issues. Now, with his account suspended communicating becomes quite a struggle, begging the question of how users can overcome selective censorship.

However, a new free speech and human rights social media platform is giving users such as Trump—and many others whose voice have been stifled on major social media platforms—the freedom to express themselves without fear of censorship. is a community-driven social network and not-for-profit initiative with the primary goal of providing a free speech platform for those seeking an alternative to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook—which has been fraught with worsening selective censorship.

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental human rights of every citizen and selective censorship prohibits citizens from expressing themselves freely on any subject of their choice or even choosing what information sources to follow. Without the freedom to express yourself, it limits the level of public engagement and awareness. This can lead to a host of problems such as cultural, religious and political intolerance.

A user-friendly platform like is not only committed to empowering human rights by allowing users to follow their passion and exercise their rights to freedom of speech but also building sustainable communities. The platform is targeted towards conservatives, journalists, activists and anyone else who is highly opinionated and seeks to be heard without the fear of censorship.

The problem of selective censorship on social media is growing with thousands of users being de-platformed but allows users to freely exchange opinions, perspectives and information—which is vital to a thriving democracy.