Tiny pink robots are taking over food delivery in Toronto


Would you prefer a pink heart-eyed robot delivering your late-night munchies? Tiny Mile, a Toronto-based startup, can make that food-induced fever dream come true.

Tiny Mile has six active robots named Geoffrey that deliver food within two kilometres of restaurants in Toronto through Uber Eats.

The adorable robots are all over social media and have almost a celebrity status in Toronto.

Remote pilots control the tiny robots from gaming consoles in their homes and each robot has cameras and a built-in GPS which allows pilots to maneuver through Toronto’s busy sidewalks.

The robots move at a walking or jogging pace and feature locking lids to keep orders secure.

The lid only opens when the order number is shown to Geoffrey through their front camera.

Tiny Mile has been in business for just over a year, and the company has made impressive progress so far.

Their first G1 and G2 prototypes were created in November 2020, and since then, they have completed six more versions of Geoffrey, and as of June 2020, they have made more than 500 deliveries.

Each robot is named after Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent figure in the artificial intelligence and computer science field. Tiny Mile reached out to Hinton when the brand was founded and got his blessing for the name.

Each robot uses they/them pronouns, and they each have their own variation of the name from G1 to G10.

The delivery system is quite simple and works to minimize the rising cost of delivery for restaurants. Once an order is placed on Uber Eats the Tiny Mile dispatch team is notified, and Geoffrey travels to the restaurant to pick up the order.

The dispatch team then calls the customer to let them know Geoffrey will be delivering their food and that they will find Geoffrey outside of their location.