Follow the piñata and discover Toronto's hidden Mexican street food pop-up


After a successful launch out of The Depanneur nearly a month ago, Cocina Mexicana Don Chingón has secretly expanded to set up shop at Wasted Youth for service Wednesday through Saturday.

How will you find them? Through following the piñata.

Though you'll be able to order right from your seat at Wasted Youth's patio, if you're looking for a quick grab-and-go meal or secret menu items that you wouldn't be able to order elsewhere, your best bet is to knock on their back door. Located right behind Wasted Youth, accessible via Shaw Street, right by Irene Avenue Parkette, you'll follow the piñata and it'll lead you to exactly where you want to be.

The next move for Aaron Okada, Oskar Diaz and Steve Fernandes, the trio behind the popular Mexican street-style food concept, is naturally to expand. After multiple sold-out weekends for brunch at The Depanneur, spending late afternoons and evenings at Wasted Youth will allow them the opportunity to do something a little bit different with their offerings.

To fully utilize chef Diaz's extensive culinary background in seafood, they'll be focusing more on that in this new location, thanks to permanent fridge space. While owning and operating five restaurants in the port city of Tampico, Mexico, Diaz's signature dish became his aguachile. A dish consisting of shrimp submerged in a zesty, vibrant green marinade that includes chili peppers and lime, accompanied by cucumbers and onions with a side of chips.

That being said, orders of fresh ceviche and aguachile are a must here.

In regards to tacos, find their popular Carnitas taco made with tender confit pork belly, Pescado taco made with battered fried fish, Camarón, which is a juicy shrimp taco and even discover your new favourite vegan taco, the Camote. This one is made with a sweet potato base and is dressed with aji amarillo sofrito and pickled red onion.