Is this Toronto bridge the next ‘can-opener’?


Toronto police had to shut down parts of Howland Avenue north of DuPont Street on Tuesday, July 20, after a driver failed to spot a clearance sign and ended up wedging their transport truck underneath a Canadian National Railway bridge. 

Toronto area journalist Andrew Collins posted a couple of pictures of the event to Twitter, showing the truck with a Kikoman soy sauce ad for JFC Canada on its side, stuck underneath the bridge’s steel beams. Those beams, it should be noted, are bordered with a bright yellow and black striped pattern and a massive “3.4 M” sign with an arrow pointing down —apparently not enough of a warning for this driver. 

It might be too early to call it a trend, but this incident hits a lot like those we’ve covered before from the infamous ‘can-opener’ bridge of Durham, North Carolina. That bridge, which was recently raised from 11-feet-eight-inches to 12-feet-four-inches, has taken out a good number of trucks like this, with many of them being caught on camera. Hence the nickname. 

To avoid having to explain how you got your vehicle stuck under an immovable object like a bridge or parking garage roof, make sure you know the exact clearance of your vehicle and always pay attention to signage.