More than a decade of renovations at Toronto's Union Station are now complete


TORONTO -- It took six years longer than expected and nearly $200 million more than the initial budget called for but the renovation of Union Station is now finally complete.

Mayor John Tory made the announcement on Tuesday morning as he stood inside the revitalized Bay Street concourse as it reopened to commuters for the first time since 2015.

The new concourse was initially supposed to be completed within two years but a number of unforeseen issues resulted in the timeline being repeatedly pushed back.

The finished product spans more than 60,000 square feet and is more than double the size of the previous concourse. It also connects to a new retail area with more than 36,000 square feet of new retail space.

“Today I'm not going to get into a long history of the project, much of the history and the frustrations predated my time as mayor. But the bottom line is that Union Station is now ready to more completely welcome people back to downtown Toronto just as we reopen the city in the wake of the pandemic and try to move ahead with getting the city back to where it needs to be economically and in every other respect and this, this was no easy task.” Tory said.

“Throughout this revitalization the most remarkable thing is that Union Station has remained open to provide both train passengers, GO train passengers and TTC customers with the continued availability of service. It is kind of like renovating a historical heritage house and living in the house during the entire renovation. You think well ‘Are there going to be days when the plumbing is shut off and we can’t have a shower?’ Well we couldn't afford to have a situation where there was just days where GO train service was shut down or VIA trains couldn't come in and out of here or where the TTC couldn't operate.”