Keep busy this winter with free online learning tools


(NC) Many of us are looking for new things to do to feel entertained and engaged as we prepare for more pandemic closures. But from watching movies and tv shows to video-chatting with family, most activities these days requiring knowing how to use technology.   

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the latest tech and software but want to participate in the online world, why not spend time upgrading your digital literacy skills?

A new program called Youth Teaching Adults can help you do just that. It offers free downloadable lesson plans on tools like Skype, GoogleDuo, FaceTime and more. These step-by-step lesson plans are written in clear language to make it easy for anyone to learn how to use these tools.

In addition to offering free lesson plans to individuals, the program also encourages community organizations to sign up to host a virtual workshop. The program offers an honorarium for those who register to run a workshop.

Within the workshops, youth act as volunteer tutors, providing coaching in a safe and supportive virtual workshop environment while also developing their leadership skills and earning community service hours.

Adults can choose what they want to learn from over 50 different lesson plans and topics. These include browsing videos on YouTube, downloading new apps on their smartphone and video-chatting with family.