How I Make Money as a Blogger: A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Over the past few years, I’ve taken a crash course in making money blogging.

I’ve experimented with freelancing, self-publishing ebooks, creating online courses, offering coaching and selling digital products.

Everyone and their cousin seems to want to know the best way to make money blogging. And you want to know how to make money right away.

Can you get started if…

  • you’re not an expert on a subject?
  • you don’t have a massive audience?
  • you don’t want to publish books, create products or run courses?

You can! Here’s a simple blueprint to make it happen.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

If you’re already writing about products and services you love, why not make some money by sharing your finds with others, asks Sophie Lizard, creator of

“I like that I get to earn a bit of money just by pointing people toward stuff I genuinely think they’ll want or need,” Lizard said.

“And I like introducing my readers to new resources and helpful experts they might not have heard about before.”

At BAFB, Lizard helps readers learn how to get paid to write blog posts and sells online courses, ebooks and coaching. And as an affiliate, she makes money recommending other people’s products to her readers, mostly by emailing her list of subscribers.

In its simplest terms, online affiliate marketing for bloggers means:

  1. You write about a product or service on your blog.
  2. You link to it with a special tracking link.
  3. You get a commission on the sale when your readers click the link and make a purchase.

Imagine you just read the perfect how-to book on cooking Indian food, and you want to recommend it to others.

Write a blog post or email newsletter reviewing the book, and link to the book with your Amazon Associates link. If your review convinces a reader to buy, you’ll get a piece of that sale!

Affiliate marketing happens on a spectrum, from an average Joe sharing a link on his blog or social media to a massive publication making special advertising deals through marketing agencies.

So, how can you, as a new blogger, make money from affiliate marketing?