How to make money with affiliate marketing: a quick guide


This article covers the two main types of content that you’ll need to make money with affiliate marketing, regardless of your niche. We also go through the three main aspects of keyword research and share tips for link building, which is necessary for improving your domain rating and ranking for keywords.

While there are multiple types of affiliate partners and ways of generating affiliate revenue, here we’ll focus on content-based affiliate marketing. This mostly refers to promoting affiliate products on websites, blogs, and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube.

Guides and tutorials

Guides and tutorials have an informational intent. People who search for guides and tutorials on search engines are looking for detailed information on a topic. Both guides and tutorials should provide in-depth information. But tutorials are usually in the form of step-by-step instructions or walkthroughs, whereas guides can cover more generic topics and offer introductions to them. 

This makes tutorials more product-oriented, although the intent is always mostly informational. The keywords for tutorials are therefore more likely to involve brand names. Those who search for a brand name + tutorial might be in the awareness or interest stage of the funnel, or they could’ve already purchased the product. Guides are more strictly about awareness. But you can also mention a product as part of the solution your guide offers to your audience’s problem.

No matter what stage of the sales funnel your visitors are in, or whether they have zero purchase intent and are only looking for information, guides and tutorials are useful for generating traffic and building your authority. Generic keywords have a much higher search volume than branded keywords. So, if you’re in it for the long-term, you will need both. Building a brand around your affiliate website is easier if not all of your content is written for profit only.

Guide keyword example

Let’s take an example. To find relevant keywords in your chosen niche, you’ll most likely use the keyword research feature of an SEO tool such as Ahrefs or Semrush. Here, we have the SERP results for “seo analytics reporting,” which is a relevant keyword for promoting Supermetrics: