Five popular side job ideas you can start at home to make some extra money


The COVID-19 pandemic has sent so much uncertainty into the workforce that even as Canada reopens, many people are still looking for additional work. Even with a surge in jobs in Canada, there has been an uptick in registration Upwork and Fiverr, especially for technology-related jobs. Meaning workers are looking for additional side hustles to increase their cash flow.

These five side jobs are easy to do from home and could provide some financial stability.

Manage the social media accounts for a business

As more businesses transition to working online, a company’s virtual image becomes more prominent. The bigger the online presence, the more people are needed to work behind the scenes. Building a website, editing video, creating content, and managing social media accounts can all earn you a pretty penny.

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Create an Etsy storefront

Etsy is one of the best ways for creative crafters to sell goods without having to create and build a complex e-commerce site. Selling your projects to consumers is a great way to flex creativity while also bringing in more income.

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Running Facebook ads

There’s a huge demand for web, mobile, and software development and mobile app development is one of the highest paying side hustles, according to Upwork, but these jobs require knowledge in software engineering, coding, or graphic design.

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