TRREB Launches ‘Revolutionary’ Multi-List Platform for Real Estate Professionals


To offer real estate professionals a more intelligent way to help and support their clients, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) announced it’s rolling out a “revolutionary” new multi-list platform.

TRREB joined forces with real estate data experts Teranet Inc. and technology specialists AMP Sytems LLC, a sister company of Stratus Data Systems, to create a next-generation, multi-list platform and blockchain solution.

The board says it worked with T3 Sixty LLC, a trusted advisor and management consultancy offering real estate industry consulting, to help undertake the research and pursuit of the future-facing technology platform. T3 Sixty coordinated the extensive Request for Proposals (RFP) and assisted in identifying the partners that would best align with TRREB’s vision.

The result? A joint venture between TRREB, Teranet, and AMP, that is promising to deliver the leading-edge multi-list platform powered by a RESO compliant, expanded state-of-the-art technology stack.

Say that five times fast.

This new partnership will initially deploy what it’s boasting will be best-in-class business tools to over 60,000 TRREB and Partner Board real estate professionals, giving them more choice and flexibility.

TRREB CEO, John DiMichele says the new platform will streamline and seamlessly deliver comprehensive data, insights, and capabilities on both desktop and mobile devices.

“TRREB will be the first board in the country to offer this groundbreaking platform that will offer a more intelligent way for real estate professionals to help and support their clients, manage their business and elevate their integral role in the homeownership journey,” said DiMichele.

AMP president, Carlos Grass, explained that his company is focused on designing more efficient, powerful workflow tools to optimize real estate professionals’ day-to-day business processes.

“It’s the acceleration and elevation of a technology we’ve been providing to the industry for over two decades, demonstrating our dedication to innovation and serving the needs of real estate professionals.”

Teranet will bring its rich history and strength in modernizing registry and data intelligence platforms for the Canadian real estate market.

“Our goal,” said company CEO and President Elgin Farewell, “is to bring that platform expertise to the partnership, enabling a leading marketplace and new architecture for managing the buying and selling of real estate.”

TRREB says to stay tuned for more information about the launch of the new platform, and what it means for real estate professionals and consumers in the Greater Toronto Area (and beyond).