COVID & Cash Back: How Credit Cards are Helping Americans During the Pandemic


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It could be said that credit cards have always been somewhat controversial in the financial industry: they can either build your credit or destroy it, help pay off debt or dig you further in debt, give you rewards or pummel you with crazy interest rates. 

But in the year of COVID-19, credit card companies have worked to give consumers excellent reward opportunities, cash back, low interest rates, and debt forgiveness. While some people contemplated the value of rewards credit cards during the pandemic due to the lack to travel opportunities and being more frugal with spending, those who took advantage of cash back perks reaped the benefits and continue to do so as businesses open back up. If you’re interested in how a cash back credit card could benefit you, here are some of its best features.

Cash You Can Use Anywhere

One of the biggest perks of cash back credit cards is the simple fact that it’s literally cash that goes right back into your bank account. Some rewards credit cards don’t always help people unless they are shopping at a specific store or frequently taking trips. Cash back cards make it more convenient to use the money you earn and don’t hold you to any stipulations on where you can use it. Throughout the pandemic, people have seen this as free money they can either save or spend based on their needs.

Special Categories for More Cash 

Another great advantage to cash back cards is that some have special spending categories that allow you to earn even more cash back. These categories could include gas, groceries, restaurants, online purchases or much more. Each month, one category will be highlighted and whatever you buy from that category will give you the most cash back. For example, if online purchases receive extra cash back this month, then you could maximize your cash back by purchasing items you already need online versus in stores. Not only do you get what you need, but you also make money just by the special category feature. It’s a win-win situation, particularly for individuals and families who are trying to make ends meets due to layoffs and business closures.

No Annual Fees

One of the biggest things to look out for when choosing a cash back card is whether or not it has an annual fee. If you’re trying to save money, finding a card without that pesky annual fee can assure you are getting the most value. Also, if you’re making your monthly payments in full to avoid accruing interest on the balance, the card doesn’t cost a thing!

Cash back cards are a great way to build credit and earn free money just by making paying for things you would be purchasing anyway. While it’s been helpful for many people during the pandemic, it is even more helpful now that businesses are open and asking for their community’s support. Consider finding a Telhio credit card that works for you!