George Edwin Pham – A successful digital entrepreneur


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In the teen age, all the children like to have fun and spend most of their time with friends. It is the age when every child dreams of a wonderful life in the future. Everyone is planning to be successful but they have no idea how. In the world, there is little to no one who becomes successful in teen age. Moreover, the road to success and making recognition in the world of business is not simple and easy. Therefore, the majority of the people face the problems. We are talking about George Edwin Pham who is highly popular for his tasted success in the age of just 14.

About George Edwin Pham

By profession, he is an entrepreneur. Of course, for him, it is not easy to achieve the goal but George has enjoyed his journey to success. He was born in New Zealand and attended his school from the early age. Attending Roncalli College is a fun for him. Today, he is in the college and he is spending interesting time of his life here with his friends and teachers. In the college, he is learning the fundamentals of life and how to navigate life both practically and professionally. He always loves to learn and this nature has made his college experience better for him. In this way, he learns new things and gains knowledge to his business and his store daily.

George is passionate about entrepreneurship and finance. Many people don’t realise their passion early in their life but Pham did. He wanted to make money at a young age. This is the age of technology, in this digital age, everyone is using the digital world and social media to grab other’s attention and make money. This was the idea of George since the YouTubers were his inspiration. When he was eleven or twelve years old, he wanted to step into e-commerce. It was his dream at the time and he chased his dream with vigor. In this way, his idea for an e- commerce store was born.

About his business

George hates the thought of spending a 9 to 5 life in an office job, he decided to open his store with his business partner. James Loan his best friend, and both they opened their first store. He now has articles on Fox News and Stuff NZ.

As per George, the journey to success was not easy, he watched countless YouTube videos for hours about learning how to make money online. He became fascinated with this and he watched videos like How to make money as a teen. This was the time when he researched how to use Instagram and TikTok for money marketing strategies. It is true to say that the procedure of making money is not easy.

How to contact him?

If you have inspired with his story, then you will like to contact him or you may want to know more about him. For this purpose, you can view his profile on Instagram. He is available for his fans and followers here. Or his website,