Part-Time Weekend Jobs–Top 14 To Consider in 2021


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This post originally appeared in the TheFinancially Independent Millennial

Are you looking for part-time weekend jobs in your area? Indeed, millions of Americans are looking to make a little extra money by working on the weekends. They might need to supplement their income, keep themselves busy on weekends, among other reasons. Or, perhaps it’s a student who needs to earn a little extra money to help pay student loans. Fortunately, whatever the reason, there are many jobs you can do during the weekend. 

What to Know about Seeking Part-Time Weekend Jobs

Weekend jobs are available for people that need to make a little part-time money on the side. Additionally, the rise of “work from home” options, remote work, and freelance gigs have created a broad range of opportunities for people who want to concentrate on their work during the weekend. 

Nevertheless, these opportunities require a variety of education and skill levels. For example, many of these weekend jobs come with “no degree” requirements. And others require specific education. Regardless, if you’re looking for weekend job opportunities, there will undoubtedly be something for you on this list.

Let’s get started!

14. Freelance Writer/Editor

If you’re a freelance writer or editor, you can work part-time and make money. As a freelance writer, you can create content for websites, compose written material like business reports, direct marketing pieces, and featured articles. 

A freelance editor also proofreads writing, corrects grammar, and modifies the copy, enhancing readability. The best thing about taking these jobs is that, in many instances, the work can get done during the weekends. 

Freelance writers can earn upwards of $1 a word and more if they have specialized education (I.e., RN’s, MDs, Lawyers, etc.). Moreover, editors can earn upwards of $45/hr. However, one’s earning potential depends on the skills, deadline, and the type of work you do. 

13. Web Designer

Most businesses want to represent their products and services they offer to the public via the internet. Web designers create web pages by creating and publishing content. And, they incorporate video and graphics into websites. 

Getting hired as a web designer requires a knowledge of web authoring tools, writing, and other technical skills. Some freelance designers will partner with graphic designers and writers to complete their projects. 

As a part-time web designer, most of the jobs can get completed over the weekend. Lastly, web designers can regularly expect to make upwards of $35 per hour.