Welcome to the Very Real World of Alien Egg Implantation Fetishes


As a sex educator, I get paid actual money to constantly learn new things about sex. It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it. After doing several deep dives into kink, fetish, role play, spanking and much more, I decided I wanted to take all of this a step further, and get really weird with it. People are into some pretty outlandish stuff when it comes to sex and I want to know about all of it — every bizarre thing our genius human minds can create and act out — and I want you to know, too.

This brought me into the exciting world of fantasy play that goes beyond role play — the really fringe stuff, such as alien fantasy dildos. I am proud to say that I recently spent nearly two full hours of my day scrolling through Bad Dragon and Geeky Sex Toy’s stunning array of fantasy dildos — impressive creations designed to look like unicorn horns, alien tentacles and dragon dongs. For those who want to take the fantasy a step further, there are even alien dildos that come with compatible jelly eggs. These dildos, which can be found at Primal Hardwere, are called “Ovipositors” and come with such delightful names as “Bork,” “Blip” and “Splorch.”

As it turns out, this is a fetish that really is taking off, but what might one who is so inclined actually use these eggs for? 

Implantation. Egg implantation. People are doing role-play scenes where the eggs are implanted inside them. The dildo shoots the eggs up the orifice of choice, where they then dissolve naturally. This revelation begs many questions, but the biggest one I have, to be honest, is whether having a jelly egg shoved up your anus and/or vagina is safe. 

In order to answer this question, and the many others this news is likely to inspire, I decided to wade in a bit and figure this fetish out for those who haven’t heard of it — and to determine why the people who love it so much do love it so very much.

Why would someone be into a fantasy dildo?

“There is a bit of titillation and taboo,” says Heather Claus, the owner of DatingKinky.com. These alien dildos come in a vast variety of colors and shapes. They’re just plain cool to look at, whether you’re sexually aroused by them or not.

Zachary Zane, a sex columnist and sexpert for Lovehoney, says that the fetish finds its roots in Hentai porn, Japanese erotic art that often centers around sex with monsters and creatures with tentacles. The word “Hentai” itself actually describes “abnormal” sexual behavior, not necessarily monster sex exclusively. “Using tentacles was a way to get around censorship laws in Japan since it was forbidden to show a penis, pubes or penetration,” he explains. “This is how many folks were initially exposed to using tentacles sexually.” 

Fantasy is normal and however you slice it, people have them. “People are into fantasy play for all sorts of totally reasonable reasons. Our societal ideas about sex often feel restrictive, so fantasies — especially otherworldly fantasies — can be a librating way to escape all of that and bump and grind outside of those norms,” says Courtney Kocak, the co-founder and co-Host of Private Parts Unknown.  “Honestly, lusting after alien dildos seems like a perfectly natural response to the pandemic nightmare we’ve all been living in over the past year.”

Basically, it boils down to the fact that people are much more sexually diverse than society gives us credit for. We’re aroused by all kinds of “odd” things. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, it’s no one else’s business how you get your jollies.