Earn Some Extra Money with 20 Side Hustles That Pay $20 Per Hour


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The business world is constantly evolving, and one of the more extraordinary developments in recent years is the rise of the side hustle. Seventy million Americans — 45 percent of the workforce — have a side hustle. Whether they're trying to earn a little more cash or gain a little more experience in a skill they want to improve, many Americans aren't satisfied with just the one job. With side hustle momentum gaining, now is a great time to learn how to start a side hustle, but if you're going to do so, you should know what's worth your time.

We've pulled together 20 side hustles that pay at least $20/hour thanks to research from Upwork – one of the most popular platforms for freelancers to find work – and included resources to learn that side hustle. Check them out.

1. Graphic Designer – Pay Range: $15-$150/hour

There are a number of factors that go into graphic designer costs. Seasoned designers have spent a lot of time learning the tools of the trade and streamlining their workflow, and the scope of work is often significant. An entire marketing campaign likely has five or six channels to focus on, after all.

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2. Social Media Manager – Pay Range: $14-$35/hour

Social media manager jobs vary widely based on what's in-demand. When you've developed expertise in marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more, though, you can cover more ground and earn a higher salary. You'll also need to know how to leverage both paid and organic campaigns.

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3. Photo Retoucher – Pay Range: $12-$25/hour

Photo retouching tends to be less high-touch, so a more basic knowledge of popular programs like Photoshop or Lightroom will go a long way. When you're just lightly retouching photos, you can process a lot in a limited time. While the hourly rate may be lower, you could also charge per batch.

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4. Video Editor – Pay Range: $15-$30/hour

Video marketing is booming these days. But, most organizations don't have a video team in place to really scale their operations, so they'll outsource to video editors. As such, you can gather a lot of clients while doing relatively light video editing.

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5. Business Consultant – Pay Range: $28-$98/hour

'Business consultant' is a fairly nebulous term because consultants can help businesses do quite a lot. That's why the cost range is so variable. Consultants can advise businesses on all aspects of their operations, or simply be brought in for an individual project that they're more knowledgeable about. Either way, consulting allows you to use the expertise you already have and leverage it into more income.

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6. Accountant – Pay Range: $12-$32/hour

Every business needs accountants, but very few small businesses keep their own accountants on staff. That means there's considerable side hustle opportunities for accountants. Things like paying for everyday expenditures, recording forms of income, balancing bank accounts, billing clients, preparing financial statements, and filing taxes are all things accountants can do for businesses, and can impact how much accountants are paid.

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7. Digital Marketer – Pay Range: $15-$45/hour

Digital marketers are similar to social media managers in that they can earn more when they can manage more marketing channels. If you understand social media marketing, as well as email marketing, SEO, and video marketing, you're in great shape. Everybody could use a little help building their brand online.

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8. Logo Designer – Pay Range: $15-$30/hour

Whether they're just starting out or working on scaling, businesses need a great logo to scale. While the work may not be as comprehensive as that of graphic designers, logos could live with businesses for decades, and create a memorable image for consumers to recognize instantly – which is very important work. That's why most will pay competitive prices for great logo design.

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9. Project Manager – Pay Range: $19-$45/hour

Project managers must earn certifications to demonstrate their abilities in different methodologies, which is why they can command such a premium rate. They can also oversee a wide range of projects, from software development to launching a new product. Getting projects done on time and under-budget is crucial for many companies — especially these days — which is why project managers are in-demand.

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10. SEO Expert – Pay Range: $15-$35/hour

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often a budget-friendly way for businesses to generate new leads and increase brand recognition. But implementing solid SEO requires expert tinkering on both technical and content levels. The better you understand Google's algorithms and how SEO works, the more money you can make.

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