7 Toronto Side Hustles That Pay Up To $30 An Hour If You Need Some Extra Income


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City-living is expensive, and having a little extra cash in your pocket can make a huge difference. These Toronto part-time jobs are flexible enough to do in your spare time.

From grocery shopping to reviewing candy bars, there are some unique ways to earn some extra dough. Some positions even let you choose your own hours.


Salary: $30 per hour

Company: Candy Funhouse

Why You Should Apply: This job sounds too good to be true. You can actually get paid to taste and review candy from home. There are part-time and full-time positions available.


Salary: Up to $30 per hour

Company: Inabuggy

Why You Should Apply: You can make some extra dough just by grocery shopping. This position allows you to choose flexible hours, and all you have to do is shop for groceries and deliver them to homes.